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MaterialPVC Plastic
ColorYellow And Black
ApplicationSide Stream Filtration

With an objective to fulfill the ever-evolving demands of our clients, we are engaged in offering a wide assortment of Header Lateral Collection System.

Price Range: Rs. 1000 - 100000 / Per Set

  • Worldwide two type of sand and media filteration methods are employed namely gravity operation and pressurized operation.
  • Pressurized operation is more common when filtration is the main per-treatment where as gravity operation is preferred as secondary equipment in pre-treatment after clarifiers.

  • There are various methods of designing bottom collector systems. There are,
  • Conventional header lateral system with the perforated pipes.
  • Strainer on plate system.
  • Both the above methods have certain advantages and disadvantages & hence are used frequently.

System Description:
  • This system employs the header concept which is designed as per the limiting service and backwash flow requirements.
  • The header pipe is provided with number of sockets welded to it at 180 ̊ to each other (on both sides) of either 3⁄4” NPT (M) or Metric M30 (M) threading.
  • To these sockets, we attach our special laterals – Type A. This lateral is basically an extended strainer nozzle mounted horizontally in the vessel. The various slit opening on this lateral either of 0.2 mm of 0.5 mm size, allows retaining of the media such as sand or carbon or allows
  • passage of water through it.
  • The slit opening of 0.2 mm is almost 30 times superior to perforated pipe laterals of 6 mm.
  • Moreover, as the sand and carbon particles are in the size range of 0.5 mm to 1.0 mm, perforated lateral requires supporting under bed layers of large pebbles (1/2” to 1”), small pebbles of (3/8” to 5/8”), Coarse Silex/Gravel of (1/8” to 1⁄4”) and fine silex layer of 1 mm to 3 mm. The filtering 2media will reset on approximately 100 mm layers of each of these media to prevent carryover of sand/carbon media through the perforations. This compels vessels height to go up by minimum 400 mm.
  • As compared to this, our system does not require any underbed below the filtering media, when slit size used is 0.2 mm Whenever, 0.5 mm slit opening laterals are chosen, only one layer of gravel of 100 mm depth is provided.

  • The system is very easy to procure, fabricate, assemble and install.
  • It allows uniform collection of the feed water due to much larger area provided for collection. Perforated pipe laterals lead to channeling of water flow.
  • It eliminates need for underbed support media and therefore, reduces the equipment height by 300-400 mm. This reduces the equipment cost by almost 15%.
  • It allows uniform distribution of the backwash water and air, if used due to much larger area provided for distribution. Perforated pipe laterals lead to ineffective distribution.
  • Every time there is no need to do design calculations for header lateral sizes, One can refer to the enclosed selection guidelines & arrange the laterals for trouble free, quick and smooth installation and operation.
  • This system is less expensive than strainer on plate systems due to the elimination of false bottom plate (perforated plate). Our system allows concretized bottom.
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